Special Warehousing and Cross-Docking Services for DAT Customers

DAT has partnered with OLIMP to offer carriers and freight brokers access to a network of flexible warehousing, cross-docking, and last-mile delivery services. OLIMP's platform connects carriers with storage solutions, even for short-term need. With over 1,400 warehouses across the US and Canada, finding suitable space is easy.

  • Access user-friendly warehouse search and booking.
  • Connect with a nationwide network of warehouses.
  • Special discounts for DAT customers, including 10% off the first transaction and 5% off subsequent transactions.

About OLIMP: On-Demand Warehousing Solutions

OLIMP, founded in 2018, offers an innovative platform connecting carriers and warehouses for short-term service needs. With a vast network of over 1,400 warehouses, OLIMP simplifies warehousing solutions, enabling carriers to find spaces that suit their requirements. OLIMP's services include cross-docking, warehousing, pallet restacking, local delivery, and more. Freight brokers can choose specialized warehouses tailored to their unique needs, including options like military authorized, bonded storage, HazMat, and customized services.

For more insights, watch a video about OLIMP's operations.

Special Deal for DAT Customers

DAT customers receive exclusive discounts on OLIMP services. Get 10% off the first transaction and 5% off all subsequent transactions. Learn more about OLIMP and its discounts for DAT customers, or register now to find the perfect warehouse for your needs.