What is Freight 360?

Freight 360 offers training programs and coaching for small brokers to ensure success for new or growing businesses. Their basic offering takes brokers through sales and operations modules designed to help source more leads and move more freight. This is a self-paced course, giving them the flexibility and access for a full year so they can take time to review materials and refine skills. 

DAT customer benefits

Customers receive discounts on the following services:

  • Comprehensive, introductory freight brokerage training course
  • Access to sales and operations modules designed to help brokers source leads and move more freight
  • Self-paced courses for a full year
  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Access to videos, blogs and other free content on the Freight 360 site

Promotional activities include:

  • Press release
  •   SEO landing page and other content
  •   Social media promotion(s)
  •   Email announcements

Special promotion for DAT customers

DAT broker customers are eligible to receive an exclusive discount on Freight360 training, with 20% off the Freight Broker Basics course and a free month of group coaching when the Freight Broker Basics course is purchased through DAT. 

Click here to learn more about this Freight Broker training course or brokers can Sign up now to receive their promotion.  

Brokers can get experience with seven comprehensive freight broker sales training modules:

  • Module 1: Freight Brokering 101 (5 lessons)
  • Module 2: Getting Setup (8 lessons)
  • Module 3: Customers (6 lessons)
  • Module 4: Winning Business (5 lessons)
  • Module 5: Carriers (6 lessons)
  • Module 6: Dispatch (5 lessons)
  • Module 7: Back Office (5 lessons)

This freight broker training school is designed for both agents and other brokerage employees.

Sales and operations modules teach brokers how to source leads and move more freight.

The discounted price for DAT members is just $599 — that’s 20% off of the original $749!