We have begun the process of switching our OnBoard, CarrierWatch, and Directory Classic users over to a single sign-on, replacing a username (Samthetrucker123) with an email address (info@samstruckingllc.com). It will now be easier to log into DAT with a single sign-on. The benefits to having one email as your login username are many: 

  • Better security, individual email based logins provide better security; no one can use your email address except you.
  • Easy to remember, instead of having to remember several different usernames, you can easily login to your DAT account with a your email.
  • One access point for all DAT products, 50% of DAT customers have been logging in with their emails since 2018, so let's get everyone else on board.
  • Self service access, having an email login makes it easier to manage your account through account.dat.com.  

Migration Process

  1. Selected users will use their existing username and password to sign in to OnBoard/CarrierWatch/DAT Directory
  2. Upon logging in, you will receive a message alerting them to the conversion from username to email address.  Click GET STARTED to continue.
  3. Next, you will select your email address and choose a password.  Email addresses cannot be currently in use.  Green check marks, as indicated below, show that you have met the requirements to continue.
  4. You will now receive a confirmation message.  Click CONFIRM to continue.
  5. Next you will receive instructions telling you to check your email for a confirmation email. 
  6. Locate the email and choose the VERIFY MY EMAIL ADDRESS button/link within.
  7. You will now see a confirmation that your email has been verified.
    Note:  If you click  the LOGIN button from here, they will be taken to dat.com/login, where you will have to remember the product you are trying to log into.  It is recommended that you close this tab in your browser and return to the original tab you were on and click GO TO LOGIN.
  8. Your email address will be pre-populated now as your new username.  Enter the password you selected and choose LOG IN.