If you signed up directly through the broker’s OnBoard site, you will now see their contracts and have the ability to view and sign them electronically.

Note:  Signing a contract digitally with OnBoard is the same as putting pen to paper and is legally binding in a court of law.


You can click on the contract name itself to download it to your computer for review.  When ready to sign, click the Sign button.

You will now be prompted to enter your name and your title with the company.


Populate the First NameLast Name and Title fields.  Use the dropdown to select the appropriate title.  If you choose "other", you will be prompted to type in your title. 

Note:  You must have a title that allows you to sign contracts on your company's behalf for it to be accepted.

Click the Sign button when finished.  You will now see the current date in the Date Signed field, indicating that this contract is signed and viewable by the broker.


Note:  If the broker uses AssureSign for their electronic signatures, you will have to sign individual sections of the contract before completion.  OnBoard will take you from one section to the next to make the signing process as seamless and easy as possible.