There will be times where you need to update a contract. Maybe you have new wording to include or have changed some details. When this happens, you will need to replace the contract you have uploaded to a current version and have carriers sign the new one.

  1. Navigate to the Contracts tab at the top of the screen to locate the contract that needs to be updated
  2. Click on the version number
  3. You can now drag and drop your new contract or choose Select File to browse your pc for it.
  4. Upon uploading the new document, you will see that it has been added and a new version has been assigned to it.

At this point, the new contract will be visible to carriers that sign into DAT OnBoard™. All previous versions of the contract will no longer be available for them to sign as only the last version will be visible to them.

Note: If you are using AssureSign for e-signatures, you will have to notify DAT of the new contract in order to get it published for carriers to view. Contact DAT by email at or by phone at 800-551-8836.