DAT OnBoard allows carriers to complete an online profile and view, print and sign your contract electronically.  There is no faxing required to register new carriers, substantially decreasing the time it takes to bring a new carrier onboard.

  • Electronically signed PDF’s allow you to save, print and download signed contracts and other agreements
  • Carriers can access your OnBoard web page at anytime
  • Register carriers without a fax machine, increasing both speed and accuracy
  • Access carrier profiles and documents you already have on file quickly and easily

DAT OnBoard also gives you the information you need through the familiar environment of your TMS or internal application.

  • Onboard online to avoid missed faxes and lost paperwork
  • Online documents are easy to read and process accurately
  • Carrier information can automatically be uploaded to your TMS

Your DAT OnBoard web page is hosted by DAT, but you have full control.

  • Upload your own contracts and requirements for carriers
  • Add your own company logo to the page
  • Set welcome text and insurance messages seen by carriers when registering