After signing into DAT OnBoard™ for the first time, you will want to access your settings to upload your company logo and set up personalized carrier messages and important email notifications.

Click the gear at the top of the screen to access your settings.

Under settings, you will find:

  • Options
  • Company Logo
  • Welcome Message
  • Insurance Message
  • Contract Message
  • Document Message
  • Email Message



The first thing you will find here is your company’s personalized DAT OnBoard website address.  This is the address that you will give carriers interested in hauling loads for you so that they can view and sign your documents.  Clicking the link provided here will take you to the website to preview it.


Clicking the Make me searchable to carriers box will allow any registered carrier to find you within the DAT OnBoard site, making it easier to add qualified carriers to your roster.

Email notifications can alert you to important events within your site.

Select which notifications you would like to receive and ensure you have a valid email address entered in order to receive them.  Multiple email addresses can be entered when separated by a comma.

Company Logo

Your company logo makes a fine addition to the carrier registration page and gives DAT OnBoard a personalized touch.  Grab a logo from your company and ensure that it’s in a .gif, .jpg, or .png file format and that it does not exceed 300 pixels wide or 150 pixels high.  Ensure that the file size is 150k or less and click the Browse and Replace button.

Select your file and the image will appear on the screen.  Click the go here to view link to check it out for yourself, but don’t forget to click Save first to ensure the new image is saved before leaving the screen.

Welcome Message

Text entered here will be displayed on your personalized DAT OnBoard site when a carrier finishes registering.  You can choose to display the standard default welcome message or you can create your own custom welcome message. 


Upon finishing your custom message or choosing the default, click the Save button.

The message will display for carriers when they visit your custom OnBoard website as seen below.


Insurance Message

The insurance message is a place for you to inform carriers of their general insurance requirements.  The message must be 2000 characters or less.


An example commonly used is, We require the following insurance: $100,000 Cargo, $1,000,000 Auto

When finished entering the message, click the Save button.

Contract Message

You may choose to have a message displayed to carriers that are viewing your contracts.    You can select the default contract message or choose to create your own custom contract message.  This could include instructions on how to sign contracts.  For instance, instructing them to have only the owner sign contracts is suggested to avoid unqualified people from signing.

An example commonly used is, “Please sign all contracts listed below that apply to your business. All forms must be signed by an owner, officer or management personnel. We will be notified by email when you sign, which completes our onboarding process. You will also receive an email confirmation for each contract signed.”


When finished, click the Save button.

Documents Message

You may choose to have a message displayed to carriers that are viewing the documents section of OnBoard.    You can select the default documents message or choose to create your own custom documents message.  This message can help guide the carrier on what documents you expect them to upload, like a HazMat certificate or insurance certificate for instance.


When finished, click Save.

Email Message

You may also choose to customize the email that is sent to the carrier once they have signed your contracts.  When adding a message, it will appear as the second paragraph within the standard email. 


You can add up to 630 characters to this email if you choose to customize it.


When finished, click Save.